Construction Management

Safety Audits and Site Safety Inspections

Site SafetyOur strong background in site safety and life safety has been instrumental in protecting numerous workplaces from unnecessary risk and injury. Our 34 years of construction and inspection experience covers heavy civil, marine, building, utility and site work. We hold Florida licensure as General Contractor, Underground Utility Contractor, Pollutant Storage Systems Contractor, Excavation Contractor, Home Inspector, Commercial Building Inspector, Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor, Erosion Control Inspector and Occupational Health & Safety Technologist.

Additionally, we are an OSHA Train-the-Trainer and an FRA Trainer (railroad). Our safety audits are “hands on” and our practices and recommended procedures are based in “real world” probabilities. One of the biggest mistakes an Owner can make is to rely upon the General Contractor to manage site safety and most courts will find you culpable if you have failed to properly address health and safety through strict guidance and control. The Owner can, and has, been held responsible for injury and death for accidents related to sub-contractors, second and third tier subcontractors, and even pedestrians for negligence by their general contractor. Safety ultimately rests on the shoulders of the owner. We can help you design a company safety program complete with documentation, reporting, training protocol and measurement. We conduct safety audits and workplace inspections and conduct periodic site safety inspections to assist management in oversight and enforcement. Oversight and enforcement are critical elements of an approved safety program.