Transit Oriented Development

Insurance Underwriting/Asset Verification Inspection

We provide routine asset verification inspections in the Greater Orlando/Greater Daytona Beach area within 48 hours with granted lessee access. We recognize your need for speed and timely delivery. We have over 35 years of heavy construction and building construction experience. We conduct the inspection in a professional and courteous manner. We are Dept. of Homeland Security approved for entry into ports, military bases, DoD sites and generally restricted sites which may impede other inspectors.

Plant machinery Make/model/SN/Age and general condition
Office Trailers Verify data plate and general condition
Transport trailers Make/model/SN/Age/tires/axles/decking and general condition
Construction machinery Make/model/SN/Age/undercarriage/service records/location
Office Equipment Make/model/SN/Age/service records/location
Furnishings General condition/type/location
Vehicles VIN/Make/Model/location and general condition
Building Verify type/size/class/age and general condition
Construction progress Varies with need of client
GPS locator devices Verification/replacement/installation with permission
Equipment Valuation Provide general condition inspection and review of service records
Coordinating Parties Information gathering/distribution to client directed parties

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