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Commercial Wind Mitigation Inspection

I perform Type II or III, wind mitigation inspections for any size building or occupancy.  All reports are issued under OIR Form MIT-BT II & III (08/2008).   A Type II building is a commercial building having 1 to 3 stories.  A Type III building is any commercial building 4 or more stories.

The State of Florida, Office of Insurance Regulation, requires any person performing commercial wind mitigation inspections must be  a Certified General Contractor, Registered Architect or Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida.  Residential contractors, roofing contractors or home inspectors are not allowed to perform these inspections.   Home inspectors should not perform any inspection of a commercial building for that matter as they do not possess the overall qualifications to serve the total need of a property owner.

Documentation is critical to a complete report.  The property owner/manager should provide copies of any permits for repairs such as roof replacement, HVAC replacement, or any upgrades which could be viewed as favorable to the insurance carrier.  Most carriers will not underwrite a modified bitumen roof which is over ten years old.  If you cannot prove your roof is less than ten years old with an approved building permit, it will be assumed to be over ten years old.  Impact resistant glazing, doors or shutter protection must be documented with a NOA by the rating agency.  Copies of purchase/installation receipts as well as building permits are recommended for a complete underwriting package.  This preparation could save tens of thousands in premium expense.

A professional inspection and report is critical to the renewal of your policy when requested by the carrier or to assist you in lowering your premium expense.  Each building is unique and therefore no one should be trusted who will give you a standard fee over the phone.  They do not know what they are doing and you will pay for their ignorance.  What you may not know, is you have been paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary premiums based on an erroneous report.  Or, even worse, the inspector will give you a satisfactory rating on the building when, in fact, you should have been alerted to a needed repair before you suffered a water damage claim.  If your building has made a claim for water damage, many carriers will not even consider a policy, even if you have corrected the issue!  That means higher premium to you.  

Insurance carriers are being highly selective in approving renewals or new policyholders.  Frankly, much of this scrutiny by the underwriters is overdue and the lax underwriting of the boom years is partly to blame for our current insurance crisis.  Many property owners fail to maintain their buildings properly and they have relied upon the next big storm event to pay for the needed roof replacement.  I can assure you, that philosophy will not work in the current insurance market.

Commercial property owners/managers should not wait for the renewal  or notice of cancellation to obtain coverage.  In order to obtain the best possible rating and continuation of the policy, have the property evaluated now.  Let us help you develop a plan to optimize your programs credibility and avoid unnecessary stress, risk and expense.  We can show you how to impress the underwriter and obtain a preferred status.