Commercial Building Inspector

Commercial Property Inspections

The Commercial Building Inspection picks-up where the Property Appraisal or Broker’s Opinion of Value ends. Too often, investors’ discover their pre-purchase due diligence failed to detect costly repairs or hidden defects in their acquisition or to account for proper capital reserves for replacement or repair of primary building components. The commercial property appraisal is an excellent tool in assessing market value and the broker’s opinion of value lends valuable insight into the current market cap rate but neither report qualifies the actual property’s condition. They simply are not qualified to inspect the primary building components and related improvements. Without prior knowledge and budgeting, these mandatory expenses deplete desired marketing, maintenance and management accounts.

Utilizing the guidelines established by ASTM 2018, we will prepare a detailed Property Condition Report for the complete property or for the specific components you require. If necessary, we can incorporate all needed professional disciplines such as A&E, electrical, mechanical, fire safety, crane, elevator, HVAC, plumbing or environmental scientists into our team or we can work with your selected team.

There are many commercial property inspectors. Close scrutiny reveals many are one dimensional firms. They may specialize in thermal imaging or they may be a general engineering firm who would outsource every component of the inspection or they may be a home inspector who is trying to “move up”. Rarely, will you find a commercial building and property inspector who has actually developed the site, installed the infrastructure, and constructed the buildings.